Turn Your Customers Into Your Biggest Marketing Asset

Welcome to the internet evolution for word of mouth. Organic by design, risk-free and everybody wins.
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Grow Your Business. Empower Consumers. Welcome To The New Sharing Economy

Your customers know best who's next to love your products. Now you can easily reward them for spreading the love.  

2key is Simple, Fast & Honest. No Pain, Pure Gain

With 2key, You can pay Your customers their fair share for recommending Your products and services online.
Insert your landing page and define your CPL
Tell your customers and let them spread your campaigns
Watch how the engagement, leads and sales boost your business

2key Is For Everyone

We built 2key with small and medium businesses in mind, we can help You too.
Real Estate
Human Resources

Organic Marketing, Risk-Free, Accurate And Humane

2key reverses the traditional advertising model. We open You to a new source for customer acquisition that empowers the ones who love you. We keep everything super simple and transparent. Let your customers spread the love and earn their Fair Share  

Set Your Price. Pay Per Result

Determine Your referral reward & offer Your customers their fair share for sharing. It is all managed automatically by a smart contract You only pay when reaching your desired results  

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