About Us

We @ 2key believe in transformative social change. We have come together to bring about a new future, where every consumer online can earn money for sharing product recommendations. We believe it’s time to flatten the economic pyramid and return the advertising budgets back to the people.

We @ 2key believe that all of us consumers, the human public, are the ones actually using the products and services, and are better equipped than giant robotic advertising platforms to help other humans find products and services to serve their interests and needs.

We @ 2key believe that You should get Your fair share to share. 

As a company, we hold dear to the values of Honesty, Transparency, Fairness and Trust. We believe win-win is always the best business model, and wish to bring about a future where every recommendation we share online brings a triple Win –

Once for the receiver of the recommendation, who gets a valuable piece of information and hopefully some coupon. Twice for the seller of the product, who gets a prospective new customer delivered right to their online doorstep, and Third for the recommender, who earns their fair share for faithfully mediating between the seller and a potential new customer.

As a team, we believe in excellence. We work hard, play hard and rest hard. We cherish and respect work-life balance, as we cherish every team member right to work and rest as they choose, enabling each of us to work the hardest when we’re in the zone, and rest properly when we’re drained, stressed or simply out. People aren’t robots; we can excel and work our best when we have the freedom to shape our own schedule of work, play and rest. As a company, we measure and reward ourselves as a team and as individuals not by the hours we sit at our desk, but by the volume of quality work that we deliver. Our company core values of honesty, transparency, fairness, and trust are also reflected in our team-spirit. We try to live by the values we’ve chosen, and be the change we want to see in the world.

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This is Us now:

Erez Ben-Kiki

Co-Founder, CEO, CPO

Erez is the CEO and Co-Founder of 2key, But known by everyone as Kiki. After a long career in the Finance sector, he made a pivot in his life into the hi-tech industry to become an online marketing specialist. He’s an expert in leveraging small ideas into big dreams that sweep people into a kicking reality.  His long-term vision is to make a change in the advertising industry, helping businesses and people by making the world a little more flat and equitable. Kiki’s passion is nature and the outdoors, and he defines himself as an environmental activist leader. His motto- Always think out of the boX.

eiTan Lavi

Co-Founder, CTO, CIO

eiTan helps startups rise. Over the past decade he’s led development of the core technology for 3 successful startups: MedCPU (acquired by UPMC), Wochit and Keywee, each a global leader in its domain. He’s also worked as a freelance, prototyping technologically novel solutions for international companies. eiTan specializes in hands-on R&D leadership from the ground up, transforming vision to reality. He’s also a devoted family man, and a teacher of Bhrigu Yoga, an ancient technology for building concentration, focus, clarity and wellbeing. eiTan holds a BSc (Summa Cum Laude, 1st in class) in Bio-Medical Engineering, and an MSc (Cum Laude) in Medical Informatics and Business, both from Tel-Aviv University.

Udi Ben-Reuven

Chief Scientist

Serial entrepreneur. Master of AI, ML, Arch., Cyber.  Talpiot Graduate (8200), Co-Founder CTO of Algotec (acquired by KODAK). Co-Founder CTO Mitingo, Senior architect and R&D manager at CheckPoint Software (NASDAQ: CHKP).

Dr. Yoram Kornatzky

Senior Algorithms & Blockchain Developer

Graph Theory Expert, Full Stack Developer, 20 years Industry Experience (Outbrain, Amdocs, Checkpoint, Verint, Bank Hapoalim and others)

Andri Pindiura

Frontend Team Leader

Front End Dev.  ​

Ivan Kostuchenko

Backend Team member

Backend & Blockchain Dev.

Shlomi Zfira

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Developer, tech geek and photography enthusiast. Coding since 2004 and loving it!  Worked at Walla!, Wochit and several more startups. Shlomi is a Full Stacker, developing solutions across the entire technical board.
Always keen on learning new technologies and methodologies. Member of the core team @ 2key

Lior Ben-Kiki

QA Automation Consultant ​

Software Engineer

Nadav Mizrachi

Graphic Designer

Shenkar design Academy Graduate, Nadav specializes in brand building from scratch, strategic thinking and innovative concept marketing.

Hadas Miron

Graphic Design

Chief Infographics Officer, Calcalist, online design and infographics lecturer.

Priel Hackim

Graphic Design and Animation

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design graduate . 13 years of experience in the digital world as a designer and animator with tens of projects for television networks and websites. Specializes in the development of instructional films. An artist, a father, and a yoga teacher.

Shai Mohaban

Token Sale Strategist

Blockchain investor and advisor

Netta Richter 

Director of Content

Experienced conceptual copywriter and content creator with extensive experience in the military, cyber and blockchain technology industries.

Excellent track-record in synthesizing complex specialized concepts into accessible content for diverse and lay audiences in English, Hebrew, French and Spanish.

Amit Kashtan


Digital marketing specialist, Amit has vast experience in various marketing techniques as the founder of netB, a company specializing in affiliate marketing across a wide array of industries and niches. He is an SEO lecturer, and a marketing strategies mentor for small startups.

Dr. Reshef Meir

PhD, Algorithmic Game Theory 

Senior Lecturer at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Information Systems Engineering, Economics, Game Theory Expert

Roey Tzezana

Member, 2key Scientific Advisory Board

Roey is a futures studies researcher with special emphasis on emergent and disruptive technologies. His writings have been published on numerous platforms, including Wired and Wired Japan, Quora, Odyssey and others. He’s consulting for fortune 500 firms and governmental organizations, as well as acting as a scientific advisor for several start-ups, especially in the field of blockchain and crowdsourcing.

Dr. Yuval Emek

PhD Algorithmic Game Theory

Algorithmic Game Theory

Assistant Professor at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Multi-Level Marketing and Incentive Models Expert

Idan Lakritz

CPA and token economics specialist
Vast experience in leading blockchain and financial roles.

Riku Onuma

Goldenpaper & H2O CEO 
Crypto and Marketing Expert 
Japan and Korea LI.

Guy Zyskind

Founder, CEO @ Enigma
MIT Media Lab | 10+ years software development Blockchain, Security & Privacy, Data-Science & Machine Learning Expert

Stas Oskin

Wings Foundation Co-Founder

Leads the technological strategy for Wings.ai Blockchain core developer, architecture designer, and project manager.

Sebastian Stupurac

Wings Foundation Co-Founder

Leads the partnership’s strategy for Wings.ai Token distribution strategist, product designer, and projects manager.