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What’s In It For All Of Us?

We built 2key to bring about a future where people are given financial rewards to share and recommend products and services to one-another online.
We believe this new sharing economy is much more honest and humane, since it gives back to the customers instead of to the giant robotic platforms of advertising.

What’s In It For Advertisers?

A lot! 2key offers advertisers a risk-free channel of advertising. Each advertiser can state how much money each new potential customer is worth to them, and you as a 2key Influencer can earn that cash for each new potential customer You bring.

What’s The Catch?

No Catch – we’re here to make advertising a bit more democratic, and allow the general public of consumers, like, You, a way to get your fair share of the enormous advertising industry budget cake – more than 200 billion US$ in North America alone in 2017.