What’s The Catch?

eiTan LaVi
June 29, 2017
No Catch - we're here to make advertising a bit more democratic, and allow the general public of consumers, like, You, a way to get your fair share of the enormous advertising industry budget cake - more than 200 billion US$ in North America alone in 2017.

All of us as consumers currently pay threefold for the costs of advertising:

Once, with higher product prices, since the sellers of products raise product prices to account for advertising costs.

Twice, with mostly all this money (over 200 Billion US$ in N.America alone in 2017) flowing not to the people, but to a few conglomerate vendors using robots to target ads at us half-arbitrarily across the web.

Thrice, since these robot advertising vendors are making their profit using all our private, personal information and recordings of our behaviors online which they use to build the robots to target us.


Our personal information has been confiscated, and not only are the conglomerates of advertising not cutting us a piece of their profits made from our personal information, but we’re actually paying them through the products we buy in higher prices reflecting the advertising costs. So basically, we’ve given up both our personal information, and the profits made from our personal information, and all this bounty flows mostly to 2 giant online advertising companies.


If You can help sellers of products spread the word about their products, which is the whole point of advertising, you should be able to earn Your Fair Share of the enormous advertising budget cake!


In our view, all of us, as consumers, are the ones actually using products and services, so we’re the most equipped, and socially responsible, to recommend them to each-other. We should at least have the option to recommend products and earn our Fair Share of the enormous advertising and marketing budget cake.


Moreover, we feel that the advertising industry has become too robotic, synthetic and disconnected from humanity, and that we’ll all be doing ourselves a favor by bringing back the human touch to the process of finding products and services online. So yes, We’re paying you to share.

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