What’s In It For Advertisers?

eiTan LaVi
June 29, 2017
A lot! 2key offers advertisers a risk-free channel of advertising. Each advertiser can state how much money each new potential customer is worth to them, and you as a 2key Influencer can earn that cash for each new potential customer You bring.


  • A new channel for enlarging their client-base: Many small and medium businesses today experience the same thing – they spend large budgets on advertising with Google or Facebook, but still often word-of-mouth, from their customers, when it happens by itself, brings them the best results. We’re here to give them a new channel where they can invest less time and energy, and get much more out of their customers’ word-of-mouth, simply, by introducing 2key as a platform with which they can enable their customers to get rewarded financially for referring new customers.


  • More effective: humans recommending to humans will always be more effective than using cold robotic advertising which behind the scenes flattens products to cold lists of keywords and tries to use these to target potentially relevant people online. A human touch will ever be more effective in persuading behavior of other humans.   


  • Risk-free: Contrary to most current solutions, 2key is risk free for advertisers, since:

(1) They pay only per business result (e.g. someone buying their product, or someone taking active interest in hearing more about their product), and

(2) They pay only exactly what they want per business result.

In today’s advertising platforms an advertiser is forced to define a budget and the robotic system commits to spend that entire budget, but does not guarantee the final price that will be paid for each actual business result obtained from all that advertising. With 2key, an advertiser simply quotes their offered reward on the site, and that’s what they’ll pay for every successful referral You bring them.


  • Organic growth: With 2key, sellers of products get to organically grow their customer-base. Instead of relying on robotic advertising to fish new potential customers from the crowd, they reward their customers for bringing in new customers.


  • Make existing customers loyal and happy by giving back to  them: With 2key, sellers can boost customer loyalty and satisfaction by re-directing part of their huge advertising budgets back to their customers – so not only are they getting higher quality marketing directly from their customers’ word-of-mouth, they also get to use existing budgets to financially reward their customers and give back to them, which in turn will boost customer loyalty and satisfaction.






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