What’s In It For All Of Us?

eiTan LaVi
June 29, 2017
We built 2key to bring about a future where people are given financial rewards to share and recommend products and services to one-another online. We believe this new sharing economy is much more honest and humane, since it gives back to the customers instead of to the giant robotic platforms of advertising.

All of us are currently paying dearly for the heavy budgets of advertising being directed mainly to the giant robotic advertising platforms:

  1. First – all these budgets are paid by the sellers of products to the robotic advertising platforms, which in turn is reflected in higher product prices charged to us as consumers. All of us consumers cover the costs of advertising by paying more for the products we buy.
  2. Second, all these robotic platforms have confiscated our personal data – all our behavioral data, psychological data, how we behave and act online, and have built immense computer models of us so that they can better use their robots to target us with ads.

So we’re basically forced to pay for being artificially fed ourselves to ourselves, without even enjoying the incredible profits that arise as a result. Doesn’t sound fair, right? That’s exactly our incentive to build 2key – to introduce a new sharing economy, where everyone can get their fair share of the world’s advertising budget.

Advertising has always been about getting the right people aware of new products and services that might serve them and meet their interests. And human to human advertising has always been in play. Whenever we open our mouth to speak our mind we’re advertising some idea or notion. Advertising in itself isn’t bad, but when it gets disconnected, artificial and arbitrary, it can quickly become harassing and a nuisance. Our goal is to enable a future where humans sharing and recommending products to each other is desired and rewarded, socially, morally and financially.

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