Frequently Asked Questions - For Businesses

  • What is the 2key platform?

    2key helps You turn Your customers into Your biggest marketing asset!

    2key allows small and medium businesses like You to pay existing customers for recommending Your products or services to new potential customers.

    You can think of us as the internet evolution of word-of-mouth.

    2key aims to turn every customer into an influencer, and to enable businesses like Yours to easily and seamlessly tap into this new acquisition channel.

  • What's a 2key?

    2key is a unique personal link consumers can generate via the 2key platform and use when sharing product recommendations online.


    A 2key looks just like any other shortened link, only it’s uniquely connected to each consumer, and will allow us to track the people who follow that consumer’s recommendations, so we can credit then with the referral rewards You’re willing to offer them.

  • Why the name 2key?

    2key is a link that can unlock value for both the receiver and the giver. Since it unlocks value, it’s a key, and since any two sides transacting with it obtain value, it’s a 2-Way-Value-Unlocking-Key – or, in short, 2key!

  • What's in it for Me?

    In short?

    A lot! 2key offers advertisers a new, risk-free channel for customer acquisition. You can state how much money each new potential customer (a Lead Generation) is worth to You, and allow Your current customers and any reputable 2key influencers to earn that cash for each new potential customer they bring You.


    In long? You stand to gain:

    (1)   A new channel for enlarging your client-base:  Many small and medium businesses like Yours experience the same thing – You spend large budgets on advertising with Google or Facebook, but still often word-of-mouth from Your customers, when it happens organically – naturally, brings You the best results.

    We’re here to give You a new channel where You can invest less time and energy, and get much more out of Your customers’ word-of-mouth, simply, by offering them rewards for referring new potential customers. 2key enables You to easily manage these campaigns, offer rewards, track performance and spend, and enables Your participating influencers to track their own campaigning for You, manage their earnings and cash-out.

    (2)    More effective: humans recommending to humans will always be more effective than using cold robotic advertising which behind the scenes flattens products to cold lists of keywords and tries to use these to target potentially relevant people online. A human touch will ever be more effective in persuading behavior of other humans.

    (3)   Risk-free: Contrary to most current solutions, 2key is risk free for advertisers, since:

    You pay only per business result (e.g. someone buying Your product, or someone taking active interest in hearing more about Your product),

    You pay only exactly what You want per business result – You determine the CPL/CPA

    In today’s other advertising platforms You are forced to define a budget and a wishful-CPL/CPA and the robotic system commits to spend Your entire budget, but does not guarantee the final price that You will pay for each actual business result obtained from all that advertising. With 2key, You simply quote Your offered reward on the site, and that’s what You’ll pay for every successful referral Your influencers bring You.

    (4)    Organic growth: With 2key, You get to organically grow Your customer-base. Instead of relying on robotic advertising to fish socially-disconnected potential new customers from the crowd, You can now use 2key to reward Your customers for bringing in new customers with whom they’re socially connected.

    (5)   Make existing customers loyal and happy by giving back to them: With 2key, You can boost customer loyalty and satisfaction by re-directing part of Your advertising budget back to Your customers – so not only are you getting higher quality marketing through direct efforts by Your human customers’ word-of-mouth, You also get to use existing budgets to financially reward Your customers and give back to them, which in turn will boost Your customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  • What's in it for 2key?

    Financially (2key helps 2key):  We keep a fixed and transparent 11% fee from every successful referral made through our system. This pays for our operational costs, things like servers, technology, salaries, research and development to make the 2key platform better. Additionally we hope this will make 2key some profit and keep our platform healthy financially.

    Bottom line, this means, for example, if You are willing to pay 100 US$ for a referral to some product, Your participating influencers will get 89$ of that amount for each successful referral they make, and we will get 11$. That’s the basic cut between Your influencers and Us in our partnership agreement.

    Ideologically (2key helps everyone): We built 2key in order to promote our vision: We want to create a future where people are given financial rewards to share and recommend products online. We believe this new sharing economy is much more honest, since it gives back to the customers instead of to the giant robotic platforms of advertising.

  • What's in it for consumers?

    Earn Cash:  with 2key, customers can now get paid hard cash for every new successful referral they make.  We believe that directing significant financial incentives will prompt people to invest the time and effort required to successfully share product and service recommendations online, and open up a new viable acquisition channel for You, utilizing available budgets redirected from the robotic advertising channels.


    Help people: By taking the time and effort, consumers can actually help people with their recommendations. Word-of-mouth is still a much more effective means for product and services discovery in many fields, especially for small businesses, and now we’ve built the system to reward customers nicely, with existing advertising budgets, for helping other people find great products and services. The internet is currently swarmed with robots launching ads at human users, and mostly all Ads and promotional material users currently come across online are thrown at them half-arbitrarily by a robot of some sort or another.  It’s time we all help bring back the human touch and sensitivity to advertising.

  • How does 2key work?
    1. You add campaigns:  2key enables You to easily offer cash rewards for every new referral made by an existing customer. Each active campaign on our site relates to a specific product or service sold by a specific seller. Each campaign publicly quotes a reward that the seller is willing to pay for every new potential customer. You can easily add a new Lead Generation Campaign to 2key by pasting your lead generation page url, specifying your CPL offer, and letting your customers know You’re in the game!
    2. Everything Else happens by itself!
    3. Check in on your 2key dashboard to monitor performance, billing and results, and to change your offers and campaigns accordingly.
  • What’s in it for incoming referrals?

    Coupon/Discount: We encourage You to make 2key a Win-Win-Win platform by also offering in each campaign some kind of reward for the new potential customers. This will promote the kind of sharing economy we’re trying to build together, one in which human2human sharing is in the best interest of everyone.

  • What's the 2key reputation score?

    Reputation is one of the most important factors in becoming a source of inspiration to others around You. We would like everyone who wishes to become an influencer in Your domains of interest, so that You can use 2key successfully and earn money for being an influential part of Your community.


    For this reason, and since transparency and honesty are part of our core values, we publish a reputation score for both Advertisers and Influencers. This score helps maintain transparency on our platform:


    For Advertisers: The score goes up, for example, the more campaigns have been successfully run by an advertiser or the less complaints there are about the product or service. In General the score is affected relative to the levels of positive and negative feedback the advertiser receives from consumers and potential new customers.


    For Influencers: The score goes up, for example, the more people You bring in, the less negative feedback we get from receivers of Your recommendations (e.g. Don’t Spam!), the more campaigns You actively participate in and contribute to, and the higher the quality of leads that You bring in. In general, the score adapts to the levels of positive and negative feedback You receive from advertisers and receivers of recommendations You interact with.

  • How can I boost my reputation score?

    Glad you asked! Here are some golden rules:

    1. Honor your commitments:  reward your influencers and keep the be committed to your published campaigns. Be aware that once you start campaigns, the more you change the parameters the less stable the work environment will be for your influencers.  Whenever you change things like activate, deactivate, start date, end date, overall budget, reward amount per lead etc.. we have to notify all the influencers currently signed on to your campaign, and this will affect their commitment to you and their behavior. The general rule is, respect other’s time and efforts, and allow your influencers a steady work environment, where they can trust that once You publish a campaign, you stand firmly behind it.
    2. Make your part of the funnel a pleasant experience: While You pay influencers to introduce new leads into your funnel, once they’ve done their part it’s up to you to complete the acquisition process. Make sure you make potential customers’ experience a pleasant one.
    3. Listen to feedback: Our system employs open feedback: advertisers, influencers and receivers of recommendations can all give back feedback on one-another. We will inform You of feedback as it is obtained, and then it’s up to You to learn from it.
  • Can 2key replace existing affiliation systems and plans?

    Certainly! instead of employing contracts, code integrations and what not, simply give your existing affiliates 2keys for your various products. Once you open a campaign with 2key, that 2key already holds within it the entire contract for the affiliation. Anyone using it to refer new clients to You will be credited the referrals.

  • Can I use 2key if I don’t have LGF/ Subscribe form?

    Currently not.

    Soon you will have the option to use your business page in 2key as a landing page.

    Thereafter, we will introduce more funnels, starting with CPA campaign funnels, all with minimal integration, and plug-and-playable as possible.

  • How is 2key different from traditional advertising?

    If You’re a small or medium size business, You probably know that word-of-mouth can work wonders. We’re here to enable you to harness word-of-mouth at scale, and utilize it as a new risk-free acquisition channel.

    In most traditional advertising channels You cannot determine CPL/CPA, You cannot grow your customer-base organically, You pay robots to advertise for You, and give nothing back to your customers. With 2key – You pay only per business results (per lead or acquisition), You pay only what you want per business result – You control the price upfront, You give the advertising budget to Your customers instead of to robots, You thereby increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and You get to grow Your client base organically and naturally – since with 2key You rely on human2human advertising, where social connections are a required for the recommendations to flow from existing to new potential customers.

  • Are You a SaaS company?

    Yes! We’re a SaaS company in the respect that all your interaction with our service will be through your internet browser and/or our mobile application. You don’t have to integrate any code into your website, nor do anything with on-premise or offline software or hardware in order to use 2key. In the future, some funnels might require minimal integration with Your site and/or CRM, but in front of the influencers we’re 100% online with zero integration required, and with advertisers, we’ll always strive to be on the forefront of zero-integration, plug-and-play solutions, so that You can power up your campaigns with us with as few clicks of the button as required.

  • Is there some fixed fee to use the system?

    No, we don’t charge a monthly/yearly fee. You pay only for business results obtained.

  • How much does 2key cost?

    You only pay per business result, exactly what your determine and publish in your offer of reward per campaign. 2key and the influencers split your reward for each successful referral, where mostly all the money flows to the influencers.

  • How much is the 2key fee?

    The 2key fee is taken from the CPL/CPA you determine to pay. We take a fixed and transparent 11% fee from every reward paid through our system.

  • Do I always have to set a cash reward for a referral?

    This isn’t mandatory. You can certainly add campaigns where no cash reward is offered, but this might lead to less interest from influencers to participate in Your campaign. You can always change campaign parameters while the campaign is active, though we advise to do so with good measure and in low frequency so not to create a hectic work-environment for the influencers.

  • What languages are supported?

    We currently support English and Hebrew, and look forward to expand to other languages and regions very soon!

  • Who is behind 2key?

    You can read more about us in the… About Us section 🙂

  • How can I reach you?


  • Can I have caps on my spend?

    Sure! You can define a max spend per campaign, and as you reach the cap we’ll start sending out notifications to both You and influencers participating in your campaign, up till a point where we’ll start blocking new influencers from joining and generating 2keys from you campaign, and notify the participating ones that the campaign is about to halt. Of course, this will also give you an opportunity to add spend and increase the cap, which will notify and enable influencers accordingly.

  • Which devices and browsers are supported?

    A 2key is a link, so your influencers can send it and make 2key work for You using any device, browser or platform.

  • Can I integrate 2key into my application

    hopefully soon, currently not.

  • Where can I see the results,billing,performance of my campaigns?

    Why in your 2key dashboard of-course! Just log-in and go to your dashboard, you’ll find everything you need there, and you can always ask us for new features in case you’re missing something.

  • How can I optimize my 2key results

    We have quite an ambitious product roadplan to get there, but currently you’ll simply be able to see the performance and statistics of your campaigns, and manage them accordingly – for example, a campaign not generating any interest from influencers might require you to upper your offer, a 2key campaign with influencers which generates visits but doesn’t generate any leads,  might mean that some change in the landing page itself is required, while a 2key campaign with participating influencers but no visits might mean something isn’t working with the current influencers or their ability to recommend the product well.

    You will see quite a few stats of the visits and leads generated by your influencers, and you will be able to decide your course of action accordingly.

    We hope with time to introduce many optimization features and algorithms which will help you reach optimization of your campaigns.

  • How do I pay 2key?

    Mostly a credit-card will do. For bigger credit-lines, we’ll work it out together.